It’s a jam-packed show today, thanks so much for listening! Today’s topics include:

  • The debate about whether or not President Trump is a Christian
  • A church using another church’s building to have worship services
  • Does God change His mind when we pray for something?
  • Are all spiritual gifts still available today, and what to do when a husband and wife disagree on the issue?
  • What do we know about aliens? Did God create them?
  • The differences between what Catholics and Protestants believe about birth control
  • What should Christians expect after the Supreme Court decision in favor of Christian baker, Jack Phillips?
  • Dirty tactics liberals use to stop judicial appointees including Supreme Court nominations
  • Why don’t more pastors discuss spiritual warfare?
  • Have you done a podcast on how to address conflict with family members who are unbelievers?
  • Public schools teaching socialism and humanism and using misleading textbooks that include rewritten American history promoting the progressive worldview

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