Dr. Duke Pesta

Host of Dr. Duke Show at Freedom Project

Dr. Duke Pesta is Academic Director of FreedomProject Academy, a Live Online School that is Faithfully Educating America. FPA is Common Core Free, offering individual classes and complete curricula for students in Kindergarten through High School. Dr. Pesta is also tenured university professor and author.
He received his Masters degree in Renaissance literature from John Carroll University, and his Ph.D. in Shakespeare and
Renaissance literature from Purdue University. Dr. Pesta has spent the last few years delivering more than 500 talks around the country, discussing educational reform and Common Core.
He is one of the nation’s foremost experts on the federal take over of public education, testifying before a number of state legislatures. Dr. Pesta’s collective videos and presentations top more than a million views online.

Where do we even start? For decades, the national education system has been hijacked as social justice themes permeate what is being taught to children under the guise of health, growth, history, and socialization. At younger and younger ages, kids are learning about progressive ideas including inappropriate sexual content and the total eradication of the Christian worldview (biblical morality) from public school curriculum. 

Don’t believe me? Today we have an expert on the subject, Dr. Duke Pesta of Freedom Project and the Dr. Duke Show. Pesta is an educator, writer, and commentator who helped lead the fight to raise awareness about the dangers of Common Core ‘State Standards’ several years ago. His concerns fell on many deaf ears but today, you will see how he was proven right. The system as a whole is beyond redemption and parents must decide how their children will be educated.

Reports have been done. Whistles have been blown. Information has been available that has been rightly critical of the NEA, but the problem is too many parents are either misinformed or they are too busy to do anything about the state of public schools today. And even fewer seem concerned about the unbiblical sexual ethics being shoved down kids throats. Duke Pesta has a few solutions, but we cannot introduce them until we address a few of the major problems with the system today and why you should care. Please share today’s podcast and help raise awareness!

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2



The Neenah School Board in Wisconsin voted this week to approve a highly controversial sexual-education curriculum that begins introducing gender ideology, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexual parents and other topics — in Kindergarten. The indoctrination gets progressively more extreme with each year of elementary school.

Known as the “Human Growth and Development” curriculum, the materials include images of naked adults and children that critics have described as pornographic. The controversial program also seeks to blur or eliminate gender distinctions while normalizing homosexuality, transgenderism, confusion, and more.


As a homeschooling mom and advocate, as well as a radio host, I’ve been challenged to answer many questions about homeschooling. Most of these conversations were instigated by myths about the homeschool movement. Home education challenges the status quo, and that generates fear. Some like to label homeschoolers as weirdos, reclusive, and even proud elitists, but this is a serious misunderstanding. Homeschooling parents have good reasons for choosing to educate their own children.

…There’s another hidden benefit to homeschooling that’s built into the very design God intended for the family. When parents teach their children, the parents learn and grow too. The process of teaching helps parents develop greater patience, self-discipline, organizational skills, and it provides relationship-building opportunities. Consider the precious moments and memories parents would miss if their children were in a classroom rather than at home.

Homeschooling can provide a better education with customization at an individualized pace and level for each child, as well as an environment more conducive to spiritual, emotional, and social growth. Also, parents learn and flourish from dedicating themselves to their children’s future. Finally, the reinforced relationship between child and parent is the ultimate prize: a lifelong bond.