The political rhetoric in our nation is reaching a dangerous level based on recent comments from Peter Fonda, Robert DiNiro, Maxine Waters, and so many others.  Disagreement has spilled over into hatred, and many wonder if the lack of civil discourse will escalate even further when President Trump nominates another Supreme Court Justice in the coming weeks.
Culture has been divided for decades, but when the church starts dividing over political issues, conflict and confusion will rule the day. Other topics that our listeners want to discuss today include:
  • Can a person support abortion and still be a ‘true’ Christian?
  • Andy Stanley’s comments on the Old Testament.
  • Is Trump dividing the nation or did it start under the Obama admin?
  • Distinguishing Biblical Christianity from Islam.
  • Parents concerned about comprehensive sex-education being rolled out in public schools
  • Has Liberalism captured the pulpits in American Churches?
  • Shouldn’t Nancy Pelosi be excommunicated from the Catholic Church according to its teachings?
  • What are your thoughts on people joining home churches?
  • Why is the modern church seem to be all about grace with little thought of holiness or submission to God?
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