These are some of your comments and questions we discuss today on air:

  • Should Every Christian be mature enough to be a teacher of the God’s Word?
  • What happens when a youth pastor uses games, entertainment, and get kids to “relate” to each other rather than teach the Bible or spiritual doctrines?
  • A brand new born-again believer in Christ asks for advice on her new life
  • Are some men more gifted spiritually than others?
  • The pattern of “positive preaching” rather than expository teaching in many churches today
  • A pastor writes us about feeling the pressure to put on a face that everything is wonderful in his life
  • If a person continues to be tempted and occasionally fall into sin, are they truly born-again?
  • Was Muhammad (Islam) influenced by the heresy of Arianism?
  • Are people waking up to the hypocrisy and hatred of today’s liberal leaders?
  • The fall of Willow Creek church leader Bill Hybels
  • Do some Christian leaders avoid controversial issues because they are either not informed or are they afraid they might lose members, tithes, or popularity?

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