Lori Peters

Ratio Christi Chapter Director

Lori is the Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at University of New Hampshire.

Lori Peters was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Raised by Godly parents and brought up in a Southern Baptist church, she began her relationship with Jesus at the tender age of seven. Lori attended Christian school and is an alumna of Colorado Springs Christian School. After studying math and economics, Lori married her college sweetheart, Kevin, and they moved around the country as an Air Force family and grew their family with six children. During this time, Kevin and Lori served in youth and college ministry and Lori was involved in worship ministry until God's call to full time ministry in 2005. Lori decided to return to school and graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Religion. God moved Kevin and Lori to New Hampshire in 2008. Read more



One of the biggest reasons people object to God and the Christian faith is the fact He allows evil and suffering in this world. Many interpret His sovereignty as a lack of care for His creation. This can present a challenge when sharing the gospel, especially on college campuses where young people already have wrong beliefs about Christianity due to the godless culture and education system today.

In our first segment, we’re blessed to have first time guest, Lori Peters, of Ratio Christi ministries. Lori and her husband, Kevin live in New Hampshire and answered God’s call to apologetics ministry.  Lori attended Luther Rice University to earn a Master of Divinity in Apologetics, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology at Liberty University.  She now serves as the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at the University of New Hampshire.

Today’s topics include evil and suffering, apologetics, a pro-life film about Roe v. Wade, and some of the reasons people consider changing churches.


Ratio Christi College Prep is a resource for the local church that trains and equips high school students to defend and share the Christian faith. As RC ministers every week to college students, we know the challenges to the faith of young believers and we know how to help the church prepare their students for such an environment. We help the church train their students by providing resources, training, an apologetics community, and a model for high school ministry.



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