Thank you for sending your questions and comments to us. Our Friday podcast has been our favorite part of the week. The topics and questions this week include:

  • Are the walls of religious freedom in America crumbling just like Canada and Europe?
  • The battle with occasional sin in the life of true believers
  • Maslow & Rogers effect on the country regarding psychology and self-actualization (“full hearts and empty heads”) paving the way for the New Age as well as the “cult of liberalism.”
  • More thoughts on the debate over Supreme Court Justice nomination Brett Kavanaugh
  • What are the essentials of the Christian faith and why don’t all believers agree on?
  • Apostasy within many churches and denominations – just like Apostle Paul warned about
  • Where do believers literally go after we die and where does the Catholic idea of purgatory come from?
  • Was Jesus “seeker-friendly” in the modern interpretation of the word?
  • God seems to have turned America over to a reprobate mind; is there any hope for repentance?
  • The first transgender in a Miss Universe competition – how far will he go?


Question: What are the essentials of the Christian faith?

The Bible itself reveals what is important and essential to the Christian faith. These essentials are the deity of Christ, salvation by God’s grace and not by works, salvation through Jesus Christ alone, the resurrection of Christ, the Gospel, monotheism and the Holy Trinity. These are the main “essentials” that we should understand and believe if we are followers of Jesus Christ.