So many comments and questions and comments and so little time! Every Friday, we talk about what our listeners want to talk about – and we love it. It’s great to know what’s on your heart. We do our best to discern truth from error and apply the wisdom available to us from God to current events and cultural debates. Here are some of the topics you want to discuss this week:

  • Church discipline, globalism, social justice
  • How far will the left go to obstruct Trump and his Supreme Court nomination?
  • Is God still sparing America to a degree?
  • Are Catholics who claim to be pro-life and vote Democrat being hypocritical?
  • Normalizing transgender individuals, gender confusion
  • How can new believers grow up and mature in the grace and knowledge of Christ?
  • Has liberalism become mainstream in many churches?
  • What caused regional church division in 2010 when Jim Wallis spoke at Lifest on the main stage?
  • Is there one deception you think is the most dangerous?



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