Mark Maxwell

Entertainment Attorney / Professor / Author / Record Geek

Mark H. Maxwell is an entertainment lawyer and music business veteran with over three decades of experience. As an author, Mark recently completed his first book, Networking Kills: Success Through Serving.

Mark is family-oriented and committed to Christian community. He is an elder, home group pastor and a founding member of his 25-year-old church in Nashville. He has been married to professional makeup artist and stylist, Carol, for 30 years and they are the proud and dedicated parents of Sophia (21) and Harrison (18).

One of the easiest ways to get someone mad at you these days is to proclaim something like “I believe the Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is the truth.” The reaction you receive will vary from a look of pity because you are “ignorant” to an angry or defensive response because they see you as a narrow-minded, homophobic bigot.  And while American Christians still enjoy religious freedoms for the most part, many around the world do not. Make no mistake: the left is out to strip you of those freedoms any way they can; and they will stop at nothing until you are badgered, bullied or intimidated into silence.

This morning we look at how social media and the legal system is trying to silence Christians.

In our first segment, Mike and David talk with Attorney and professor, Mark Maxwell, a Christian in the entertainment industry who has written a new book that questions the effectiveness and morality of networking for success.

Networking Kills: Success Through Serving



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