Jeff Middleton

Author, The Treasured King

Jeff Middleton is a Bible study teacher with a passion to encourage others with God’s Word. Jeff is an ordained deacon and has led & taught small group Bible studies for over 25 years.

Jeff lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife of 34 years, Beth. They have 3 gifted children who are also using their talents to glorify Christ.

Jeff & Beth are presently active in The Church at Brook Hills, in Birmingham.

Which of us does not struggle with King David being called “a man after God’s own heart” when he later committed adultery and murder?  How can a man with such grievous sins be given such a high title?

JEFF MIDDLETON/WYATT HOUSE PUBLISHING Cover for Jeff Middleton’s 2018 book ‘The Treasured King: A Walk Through the Life of King David’

Author Jeff Middleton joins us this morning to discuss his new book The Treasured King, which looks at the life of King David and explores the life of a simple shepherd boy who went on the be Israel’s greatest King.

“God’s love for us and desire for us to know Him and to treasure Him only is paramount throughout scripture. God’s Word shares that “David is a man after God’s own heart.” David’s heart is revealed to us in the Bible and is most evident in the Psalms, where David shares his heart’s cry and desire to glorify his Heavenly Father. David also prophetically praises the coming Messiah, the Treasured King.

Like all of us, David was imperfect, yet he demonstrated a desire and commitment to fulfill God’s will throughout his life. David left us an example of passionate devotion and humble repentance. His journey of grace, restoration and hope still rings true for us today. As we study God’s Word, may we also see that God is after our hearts as well.

Be that man or woman after God’s own heart!  Experience that same passion for God as David did. Take this journey through the life of David.  Allow it to penetrate your heart. Reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter and allow God, through His Holy Spirit, to speak to you and draw you closer to Christ Jesus, “The Treasured King.”


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