Every Friday Mike and David address whatever issue you want to discuss. Send yours to us early as the hour fills up extremely fast each week. Here we go!

  • What if we as Christian parents do everything right and our children still stray from God and the truth?
  • Gender confusion – a departure from Genesis and creation
  • The danger of open theism – wait, what the heck is “open theism”?
  • How can we respond to young people who use excuses for not going to church such as, ‘Christians are hypocrites’?
  • Should I have any concerns about Rick Warren?
  • What’s wrong with church growth and running a church like a business?
  • Why do so many pastors think they have to be so positive, loving, and encouraging without balancing out their sermons with righteousness, holiness, judgment, wrath, and repentance?
  • How do you distinguish between teachers who are heretics or those who are simply committed liberals and have wrong opinions of doctrine?
  • Does the United Church of Christ (UCC) believe in or worship a false Jesus?
  • In Revelation, what do the seven lamp stands represent?
  • What will happen to those deceived by the dangerous prosperity message when they have an economic crisis or serious trial in their lives?

We answer your questions weekly!

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