Pastor Carl Gallups

We're joined by Pastor Carl Gallups today as we try to look at today's news from a biblical perspective, and try to see how all that is happening around us fits into God's plan for the world. His latest book is Gods of Ground Zero.

The stated or apparent issue is usually not the real issue. As Christians and political Conservatives celebrate the victory concerning the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, there will be a tendency to breathe a sigh of relief and just continue as usual. But doing that underestimates the damage that may have been done to our nation and even the professing Christian Church in America. In the midst of this important victory, were the enemies of our nation and most importantly enemies of God emboldened to use evil tactics to pursue their agenda in the future?

Are we seeing the beginning of a new type of war against truth that supersedes anything we have ever witnessed in our nation? And has spiritual warfare in our nation reached a fever point where things could get very ugly for true believers in the future?

Joining Mike and David to discuss this is Pastor and best-selling author, Carl Gallups. Carl also has extensive experience in law enforcement and this morning, we talk about how everything might have changed in America based on what we witnessed on the Senate floor the past three weeks.



  • The U.S. Senate confirmation hearings of newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh
  • Speculation on the upcoming national elections in November
  • The Palmyra Arch (Baal) reconstructed in Washington D.C. on the National Mall
  • How dangerous is the precedent now set that the left is willing to deny an accused person due process
  • What is the proper balance between taking allegations of sexual assault seriously and hearing women brave enough to come forward – and protecting those who are accused, constitutionally, and the rule of law?



Even the Church of England says to “Let young children experiment with gender identity.” No wonder people are confused about the morality of this issue.

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