Here are some of the topics and questions discussed today:

  • If we are no longer under that law, why do Christians teach some parts of the law still apply while other parts do not apply?
  • What was Paul saying in Romans 14:23 when it states, “whatever is not from faith is sin?”
  • There are many aspects to taking one’s own life, but what is the right way to view suicide?
  • As a Californian, we are very concerned about the direction of our state and country. And with the spread of apostasy we all need to be watchmen on the walls even more today.
  • Advice for Christian parents of a teenager that refuses to go to church.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs Christ and she should also step down. We are to pray for our enemies and for unbelievers, but at what point do we move on and wipe the dust off our sandals?
  • As Christians in the godless nation of Canada, we appreciate your ministry. It seems America is about 10 years behind us as we continue down the path of secularism.
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s gracious concession speech and Scripture he shared should remind us of God’s sovereignty and the fact our purpose as Christians doesn’t change regardless of change in occupation.
  • Since our nation abandoned God’s principles, I am actually glad our nation has slid into socialism because it is helping us see who are the true Christians and churches, and which ones are selling out to man.


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