A deadly fall down a mountain usually begins with a single careless step.  And once we take that wrong step, the fall can be swift and lead to serious injury or death.  It is no different with our eternal souls – and the souls of others.  A single serious misstep of twisting God’s Word to appeal to our flesh can often lead to deception or even a fall.

Deceived or deceivers? Today, Mike and David continue to look at the tenets of so-called Progressive Christianity, and how it often disputes and even contradicts the foundational teachings of the Bible.  The unbiblical, progressive process of “de-conversion” starts off with questioning a single doctrine from God’s Word, but eventually leads to serious heresy. This leads often many souls to full-blown apostasy.

In our first segment we are joined by Tim Hull of Ratio Christi Ministries to discuss his ministry to youth in college as well as tools we can use to bring people into saving faith in Jesus.

We also discuss an article pointing common beliefs that progressive Christians often share with Atheists, proving the dangerous, slippery slope of liberalism calling itself “Christian.”

3 Beliefs Some Progressive Christians and Atheists Share

1. They May Adopt a Belief That the Bible Is Unreliable

2. They May Have an Unresolved Answer to the Problem of Evil

3. They May Affirm a Culture-Adapting Morality