In our first segment, we discuss counseling from a Christian perspective. Studies show an increasing percentage of Americans battle depression and mental illness.  Along with skyrocketing suicide rates among young people and middle age men, we are in the midst of an epidemic that is affecting millions of people.

Dr. Ab Abercrombie of The Biblical Counseling Institute joins us to discuss an event coming to our area aimed at training Christian counselors to help believers struggling with the daily challenges of life. There will be free biblical counseling training on Friday the 27th – Sunday AM the 29th at Sovereign Grace Bible Church (at Fond du Lac Christian School).

The world has its solutions in the forms of medication and psychology, and God has provided medical advances that can be of help to some people.  But as we often say on this show, every problem mankind faces is at its root a spiritual issue; an effect of man’s rebellion against our Creator.


In our third segment, David and Mike interview Robia Scott who starred in the sensational movie Unplanned!  She shares her journey from being a professional dancer and actress to becoming a pro-life, born-again believer in Jesus Christ as well as some of the challenges the movie faced in coming to theaters in North America.

Wisconsin friends! Tuesday, September 24, Robia Scott will be in Green Bay as keynote speaker for a dinner reception and silent auction benefiting the Veritas Society of Wisconsin Right to Life!

Also, discover healing and freedom when you transfer dependence onto the one true Comforter—the Holy Spirit. Robia Scott’s book, Counterfeit Comforts, is available on Amazon as well as her personal website.

How do we overcome what we are being overcome by–whether depression, anxiety, overeating, a negative view of ourselves or any other stronghold–in order to experience the freedom that is available to us in Christ?

When the pressures of life become overwhelming, we often find ourselves turning to food, shopping, alcohol, television or whatever our “counterfeit” might be in search of the relief, release and peace we are longing for. These choices are not necessarily bad, but the satisfaction is merely temporary. Before we know it, we can find ourselves enslaved by addictive and destructive behaviors, but there is a way out.