Randy White: A Balanced Approach to a National Crisis

by | Mar 20, 2020 | American Church, Church Leadership, Donald Trump, Government, Pastor's Perspective, Podcast | 1 comment

Today more than ever in history, America and the world needs theologically sound, Bible teaching churches, but they are more the exception than the norm. People need to see faith-centered, healthy responses to the coronavirus and government mandates.

We, the church, can use this season to love our neighbors, preach the hope of Jesus Christ, and minister to those in need – or follow the crowd and hoard toilet paper. The worrying world needs to see the power of God in believers that have been transformed by the renewing of our minds. This just might be an answer to prayers for repentance of our nation and for the church. Let’s consider the very real possibility of a national revival and expect God to move.

TODAY’S GUEST: Author and Pastor Randy White, founder of John Nelson Darby Academy, has been a pastor for 25 years and regularly leads tours of the Holy Land. Randy White Ministries was started in 2011 as an online and radio Bible teaching ministry, focused today on producing verse-by-verse Bible teaching resources for individuals.

 Podcast Discussions:

  1. Have the doomsday predictions materialized, or is it too early to know?
  2. Have the regulations imposed by various levels of government caused you any alarm?
  3. What should local churches do?
  4. How can a pastor minister during this time?
  5. Is the large church in danger with this “new normal?”
  6. Congress is throwing money at the problem. Any problem with this?
  7. What weakness has our response introduce for our society?
  8. Are there any “one world order” issues that this makes us aware of?
  9. How can a family educate their children during this time?

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