Just a few weeks back I reported on the destruction of statues and federal monuments and the so-called ‘cancel culture’ which is a result of the anti-American programming this generation has been fed in public schools and anti-Christian universities. A leader in the BLM movement said to take the destruction furtuer.

And a few days ago, at least five churches were attacked by vandals or arsonists in several different American cities. A 24-year old in Florida even set fire to a Catholic church while people were inside. In Boston, another vandal set fire to a statue of the Virgin Mary. Did you hear about this in the media? I didn’t think so.

Shaun King, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement said last month that statues of Jesus Christ are a gross form of white supremacy and must be taken down. He didn’t stop there; he also said the Virgin Mary and white followers of Jesus must also be destroyed. He said “stained glass windows of white Jesus” and his mother and their white friends are tools of oppression; racist propaganda, and “they should all come down.”

Apparently, these marching orders were taken seriously.

Now, the destruction to churches comes after weeks of violent, I mean, “peaceful” rioting in several cities across the country. Do you really think this is all about “systemic” racism or is it the wicked heart of mankind? It’s clearly a sin problem – not a skin problem. (Check out my Sunday message from a few weeks ago) We desperately need a Savior.

By the way, this might be a good time to get security cameras at your church if it doesn’t have any.

A church fire in San Diego at Calvary Baptist is being investigated by the police department’s Metro Arson Strike Team. What’s ironic is that Calvary is a historically Black church. In Fort Worth, Texas, Bible Way Church of God was broken into and robbed last weekend. 

In Los Angeles County, San Gabriel Mission Church was set on fire July 11, destroying parts of the 250-year-old iconic structure which was founded by Saint Junípero Serra in 1771. And get this. Even though he was a staunch defender of the rights of Indians, statues of Serra have been recently destroyed in many towns throughout California…

As long as the media and political leaders choose not to address these stories, attacks on believers and churches will increase – as well as lawlessness – just like the Bible predicted. Without a change of heart that only God can give, disrespect will increase toward all human life and the true heritage of Western civilization. 

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