TODAY’S GUEST is Carl Kirby of Reasons for Hope.

We discuss some of the questions young people have about life including God, religion, truth, Noah’s Ark, sin, and evil in the world. Carl shares his honest struggle with trials and the victory we have when we trust God’s sovereignty and understand His purpose for our lives.



Video series “Weapons of Mass Instruction”.

DVD series for teens, “Demolishing Strongholds”.

“Becoming Bold” DVD series for teens and adults.

Author of the book, “Remote Control: The Power of Hollywood on Today’s Culture“.

Author of the children’s book, “Absotively, Posilutely ‘Best’ Evidence for Creation.

Author of “Reasons for HOPE, In The Mosaic of Your Life

Co-creator of the “deBUNKED” DVD’s.

Creator of the family conversation book and video’s, Fast Facts!

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