TODAY’S GUEST: Sargent Mike McGrew is a former California law enforcement officer, and author of the book, “A Higher Call to Duty.” From his 31-year career as a police officer, Major Crimes Detective, and sergeant, Mike McGrew knows first hand the dramatic impact of working the front lines as a first responder.

He faced struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries and other self-destructive behaviors after years of dealing with the gruesome and inhuman crimes he encountered on the job. He also experienced the unbearable pain of losing a child to cancer, divorce, and battles with alcohol. Then he found Christ!

McGrew co-founded 911 At Ease International, providing free, confidential trauma-informed counseling to support first responders and their families.

We discuss the trauma first responders and law enforcement go through on the job and how they can get help. Mike also weighs in on the sad situation in Minneapolis with lawlessness and a “no-go” zone with a move to de-fund the police; Learning from Seattle and Portland, and the politicians behind some of the bad decisions in many American cities. We wrap up by discussing the spiritual warfare underlying the problem of evil in society.

PURCHASE HERE: “A Higher Call To Duty: The True Story of Sgt. Mike McGrew” – An inspirational true-life story on how one man endured and overcame trauma, tribulations, and insurmountable personal trials through a 31-year career as a Street Cop and Major Crimes detective.

Mike McGrew opens his heart to readers in order to share how his life was restored from a place of darkness that was brought on by a grueling profession. This highly decorated officer shares the excitement and intrigue of what it is like to wear the badge, but also covers the behind the scenes look at what the compilation of trauma can do, and how he was given hope and restoration at the brink of his own personal destruction.


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