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We discuss the many church and individual religious freedom challenges during the Covid pandemic, increased suicidal tendencies among young people, and the areas we’re seeing potential religious freedom violations coming from state governments.

Some church-related activities that have been limited include:

Singing, communion/the Lord’s Supper, holding hands in prayer or laying on of hands to pray, large group worship/converts, kid’s church, vacation Bible school, limits on capacity, church camps, revival meetings, etc.

There are also conflicts about how to do church, different responses to masks, social distancing, (not seen as a difference of opinion, but as a “wrong” vs “right” position); and financial strains on churches and individuals.

A few takeaways regarding religious or personal liberties issues on the horizon: it looks like churches will either have to stop many activities and events (see above), do them in secret, or be willing to accept the wrath of the government/public.


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