Mary chats with apologist and author Chris Lawson of the Spiritual Research Network to discuss occult practices and beliefs that cross into a last days form of revivalism. When we think of “revival”, the average Christian is imagining tent meetings, gospel messages, repentance, altar calls, and changed lives. A good and positive thing. That is no longer the only view of revivals, and due to the influence of the NAR and Bethel’s School of the Supernatural, more and more calls for revival include a completely different definition, including many occult practices and manifestations. Testing the spirits in this area is more and more critical because experiential Christianity has overtaken many churches, the result of not enduring sound doctrine. In the 2nd half of the program, we delve into the rise of necromancy, or talking to the dead, in the churches, another offshoot of an occultic type of Christianity. It’s difficult to understand the juxtaposition of “occult” and “Christianity” and saying it outloud, but it is a subject that needs to be explored.


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