In this first-day-of-summer edition of headline news, Mary Danielsen takes a look at a variety of topics that Christians, and US citizens in general, might want to keep an eye on. First up is an update on the Israeli-Hamas war, and what it might mean when Iran-backed Hezbollah enters the action. This multi-front war would have serious consequences to the region and the wild card is, of course, Iran. We also look at the Russians as Putin arrives in North Korea to make more than just a statement, but a treaty. And why are the Russians posing for pictures on the lovely shores of Cuba? Next we look at the Petrodollar, finally having assumed room temperature – and the dollar is the next to go belly up, more than likely. And what in the world is this about a 10 year deal with Ukraine that guarantees US involvement for 10 years? Elections DO have consequences. Each story spells out global ramifications. Finally, more Sars/Cov consequences on the pandemic vs. human front. Walk circumspectly: what does that mean? Join us for a full hour of – “ramifications”.


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