Mike Abendroth: Cancer is Not Your Shepherd

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Christianity, Discipleship, Health & Wellness, Podcast, sound doctrine, Suffering | 0 comments

Mary chats with Pastor and author Mike Abendroth who has written a 31 day devotional on how to allow God to shepherd us when we find ourselves suffering from chronic illness. The title alone is very freeing, and when we search the Scriptures, how much more is this true and verified over and over as we seek to get to know our Good Shepherd better. Everyone is shepherded, led – and follows –  something in this life, we are all serving something, someone. But for the believer, the true Shepherd cannot be supplanted by something as temporal as illness; beyond that, He cherishes and cares deeply for each of us each day, in sickness and in health. As he says in this devotional, “Cancer is not your shepherd. Cancer is not in charge. Cancer is not all powerful. Cancer does not have the last word. Cancer is not a surprise to the Lord. Cancer – is NOT your shepherd”. A much needed devotional in these trying, perilous times in which it seems more and more people are struggling with serious health issues. Mike is currently working on a video series on this subject.

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