Shawnta Watkins: Ministering to the Marginalized

by | Jun 17, 2024 | Christianity, Cults, Evangelism, Podcast | 0 comments

Today’s guest host Terra Koslowski visits with Shawnta Watkins from Frontline Harvest Ministry in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “Tay” is involved in administration and advocacy at Frontline Harvest Ministry in Green Bay, WI. She shares her testimony of how God used Sarah Christensen, Founder/Director of the ministry to reach out and share the gospel with her one late night at a gas station. Tay’s search for purpose and meaning through the occult and new age left her unfulfilled, struggling with same-sex attraction and feeling emptier than she was when she began her search. Through discipleship and mentoring from Sarah and other believers, Tay found transformation, hope, and her identity in Christ and now helps other women who are struggling. Frontline Harvest Ministry reaches at-risk women through outreaches in the park, dance ministry, and through the Harvest Home, a discipleship home for women being released from incarceration, seeking treatment, escaping human trafficking or addiction and are caught in a cycle of destructive behaviors. Tay is passionate about teaching the Word of God and believers to evangelize the lost.

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