A look at the post Independence Day headlines suggests that elections and electors are on everyone’s minds. We will revisit expectations across Europe as it seemed that back in June, the right side/conservatives were set to bring populism back. So what has happened since? Has France put out a full stop and brought the left another victory? And who exactly is running our nation – since the debate at least? While most Americans knew that our current president is being handled by gatekeepers, the left seems to think this is all shocking. Or maybe they finally realize that what they had been doing is no longer working. At any rate, we will look at some commentary that will keep us on our toes. We also take a look at what’s happening globally in the “wars and rumors” department, where rhetoric is always on the table and the staff puts in a lot of overtime. And then there’s Klaus Schwab selling his usual wares of forcing change on us all because he can.  A full hour of nations raging and people plotting vain things.


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