Replay – Sheri Few: A Blueprint for the States to Take Back Education

by | Jul 8, 2024 | Christianity, Critical Race Theory, D.E.I., Education, Family, Government, Podcast, Progressive Politics, Public Schools | 0 comments

[Original airdate: 3/14/24] Mary Danielsen chats with Sheri Few of USPIE (United States Parents Involved in Education) and the ways they encourage parents to take back responsibility for their child’s education. As daunting a task as it sounds to bring the multiple federal education mandates such as CRT, Marxist ideology and sex-ed to a close, Sheri is a tireless worker toward that end and believes it is possible for the states to take responsibility for educating the kids. At the very least, parents should be empowered to choose how and what their children learn, whether it is through the public schools, private schools, or homeschooling. The recent pandemic shone a light on just how much the parents of government school kids had lost touch with what was going on in the classroom. We chat about the blueprint for removing federal mandates over education, and how to engage governors and state legislators on the issue. Last year, USPIE released a documentary entitled, “Truth and Lies in American Education” and the link is found here.


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