In 2007, a group of Muslim clerics sent an open letter to Christian leaders called “A Common Word Between Us”. In it they stated that the two “great religions” shared two crucial beliefs in common: The love of the one God and the command to love one another. Hundreds of Christian leaders, including Brian McLaren, Rick Warren and Jim Wallis, responded positively to the letter, calling for greater dialogue and cooperation between Christian and Muslim leaders to bring peace to the world and eliminate poverty and injustice.

While these Christian leaders’ intentions may have been good, their actions are potentially dangerous. No matter what beliefs Muslims and Christians may have in common, the Koran denies the triune God and denies that Jesus is the Son of God. These two disagreements make anything we share in common meaningless. Jesus and the apostle Paul warn us against having communion with non-believers. This movement of Chrislam is leading both Muslims and Christians astray from the true gospel. Naïve Christians are being led into a false belief that Allah and YHWH may be one and the same God; Muslims are being denied the opportunity to be confronted in love with the fact that Jesus is not a prophet—but is the Son of the living God.

We believe Chrislam is a major component of the movement to a one world religion foretold in biblical scripture. Christians should avoid and speak out against this false teaching that seeks to find “common ground” between a false religion worshiping a false god, with the only true religion, Christianity, that teaches salvation and eternal life only by accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

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