Post-secondary educational organizations

A pillar of American growth and prosperity has been our education system. Historically, American children were among the best educated in all the world. And to this day there are many excellent Christians who teach in the public school system.

However, led by the National Education Association (NEA), the agenda for public students has become humanistic and anti-christian. In cooperation with the United Nations Global Curriculum Program, our students are being introduced to earth worship, socialist agendas leading to a one world government, and a rejection of biblical doctrines on creationism and sexual purity.

The “father of American Education”, John Dewey, was one of the writers of “The Humanist Manifesto which outlines man’s plan to become ‘self-gods”. Sadly, Dewey’s beliefs have bled into the upper echelons of public education in the United States today.

It is important to recognize and pray for the many solid Christians who teach in our public education system. They are fighting for our children and need our prayers and encouragement.  They work in a difficult system, trying to positively influence our children under severe legal restraint.

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