Free New Life Child Holding Green Plant Creati...

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr

Christians are called on to faithfully steward, respect and care for God’s earth. However, today’s radical environmentalist movement goes beyond care to earth worship, and it is growing within the Body of Christ. There is a universal movement to elevate God’s earth to an object of worship.

In 2011, the United Nations will consider giving “mother earth” full human rights. If adopted, the impact will be staggering economically and spiritually. The “Pachamama” movement, based on the Aztec earth goddess, will bring earth worship into full gear. Sadly, many Christians are falling in to line with this false worship. Among those signing on is Matthew Fox, a pastor who formed the “Creation Spirituality” movement, considered an enlightened teacher by people like Brian McLaren, leader of the Emergent church movement.

Many public schools promote this earth worship movement as part of their curriculum. We recommend the book and DVD series “Slaying the Green Dragon” by the Cornwall Alliance as a tool to teach Christians about this dangerous movement of universalism through earth worship.

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