How active should Christians be in the political process of our nation?  Some believe it is our responsibility to elect men and women of God who will help lead our nation back to a time when the Bible was esteemed and God was acknowledged as our sole source of blessings.  Others believe involvement in politics is “of the world” and meaningless.

Some who encourage high activity believe that man-made institutions like the government can re-establish God’s rule over our nation.  But even in the Old Testament before human kings, the nation of Israel would often revolt against God–so obviously human government is not the solution.

If choosing to engage in politics, should we only support candidates who confirm God’s teachings on life, marriage and sexuality?  Or should you consider “other factors” also?  These are the questions Christians must wrestle with.

No candidate or political party can “save” this nation.  Only men and women of God praying and repenting of our sins and our turning away from God will change anything.  But inevitably, the world will collectively revolt against God and Jesus will return to judge the world and every person in it, and establish His everlasting kingdom.

We believe it is important to not “broad brush” and judge the salvation of a person based on their political party preferences.  God does not approve of Democrats or Republicans–he approves of a life saved by grace and being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ by the grace of the Holy Spirit.


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