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  2. We ask to PLEASE not mention the names of your local churches or church leaders in your online or phone comments. Our purpose is not to “call out” churches and specific leaders, but to educate and empower you to raise any questions and concerns with your local or national church leaders in a biblical way using Matthew 18 as your guide. (Linkbacks to websites that do could be deleted with no warning.)
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  4. Our Facebook Page policy: The purpose of our social media platforms are to foster thoughtful, respectful public discussion on topics that may at times be controversial.  We welcome various opinions and disagreement on issues or commentaries, as long as it is done respectfully.  WE WILL NOT ALLOW ad hominem attacks on individuals.  Again, we will allow respectful disagreements on posted topics and discussions.  Please keep your comments on topic.  If you want to use a source other than The Bible, please reference that source  WITHOUT A CLICK-AWAY LINK, e.g. “Paul Washer talked about this topic in his YouTube video ‘Paul Washer: Do you TRULY know the Lord? Powerful Sermon’.” Moderators will delete user links without warning.



We get a lot of comments every day on this site and our social media platforms, and along with them a lot of SPAM that even the best of spam filters don’t catch. We’ve got the discussion settings set in a way that puts your comments on our posts holding for ministry staff review, which we try to sift through as time allows. If you don’t see your comment right away, please be patient. Note that some comments are deleted at our discretion, when they are off topic, repetitive, abusive, self-promoting, or if we feel they become antagonistic.