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Stand Up For The Truth

Host, Author and Pastor David Fiorazo

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Rev. Jim Harden: 4 Months, No Arrests of Abortion Terrorists; The Left Celebrates Kinsey

CompassCare’s Buffalo, NY office was firebombed by abortion terrorists nearly four months ago! Even though this act of domestic terrorism was captured by security cameras, the FBI has not made a single arrest, exposing the corrupt Biden Democrats and so-called Department of Justice. Rev. Jim Harden is here to raise awareness. On Today’s podcast in part 2, (listener warning) we connect the dots between criminal, perverse sex researcher Alfred Kinsey to today’s 'sex-ed' school curriculum and the modern normalization of adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and soon, pedophilia.

Calling Evil Good and Twisting Scripture. Again.

What’s the difference between a preborn baby and a firstborn baby? Location; just a few inches. Human life is not defined by size, level of development, environment (location), or degree of dependency! [S.L.E.D.]  Some have responded and refuted the lie Kamala Harris is pedaling to a biblically illiterate American people saying things like “one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held religious beliefs” to defend abortion. Okay, one  may not have to "abandon" your faith to endorse abortion, you just have to contradict or ignore it...

Stand Up For The Truth

Daily episodes with radio host David Fiorazo and special guests sharing views on church and culture from a biblical perspective. No topic off limits. Listen in live each weekday from 9 – 10 a.m. CST at Q90 FM on the radio, or streamed live online. Since December of 2010, this exclusive discernment talk show has been tackling tough issues that affect Christians, through a straight-talking, thoughtful, biblical approach. Please Contact us with guest suggestions or if you are interested in rebroadcasting episodes.

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