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Since December of 2010, this exclusive and local program has featured commentary and opinions on issues that affect true believers - presented with a straight, thoughtful, biblical approach.

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Julaine Appling: Culture War, Top Stories, Biblical Worldview

We discuss the Supreme Court's Dec. 1 abortion case, the act of evil last night at a WI Christmas parade, the RNC starting a Pride Coalition (Rona McDaniel’s bright idea), WI Emperor Evers gave COVID money to Planned Parenthood, and parents suing schools over dangerous trans ideology.

Next Stage of Rebellion: Normalizing Pedophilia

Most people forget the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1973 removed homosexuality from the DSM-2 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) due to pressure from gay activists. Will they do the same with pedophilia?  And just a few years ago the American Psychological Association even launched a task force designed to remove the “stigma” associated with polygamy, even going so far to give the lifestyle its own politically correct term – “consensual non-monogamy.” The earliest Gay Pride parades included NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) members who later were prevented from marching. For years there have been efforts to erase age of consent laws, a goal of the LGBTQ+ platform since the 1970s. 

Ken Ham: Divided Nation, Conflicted Church – God’s Word Vs. Man’s Word

Has the Church Lost its Influence? We live in a nation divided across political, racial, cultural, and even religious lines. Can the church regain a position of influence among young people seeking “truth” while rejecting God’s Word? What, if anything, will be able to bridge these profoundly personal and ideological positions? The Bible says a kingdom, nation, or house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:24-25). There are many serious problems in our churches and country, so what can we do at this point? Ken Ham is with us today to address these issues.

Okongo Samson: Abducted, Escaped, and Forgave His Torturers

Okongo Samson has experienced severe torture, has been imprisoned in 15 countries for sharing the gospel, and has the joy of the Lord because he leaned to forgive! We discuss his story. Segment 3 - David shares how the Left is openly declaring plans to "make fundamental change" to America.

David Fiorazo, JB Hixson Q & A: Doctrine, Spiritual Warfare, Worldview, Prophecy, Morality

Some of the topics addressed by JB Hixson and David Fiorazo on this Q & A include: spiritual warfare, lukewarm churches, what percent of pastors are teaching the whole truth of Scripture, will we see revival, why is the CDC s powerful today, global government, antichrist media, the biggest concern believers have today, parallels between the COVID shot and the Mark of the Beast, and much more!

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