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David Fiorazo hosts a daily one-hour, live radio program tackling tough issues, sharing the news of the day impacting Christians.

LIVE Weekdays 9 - 10 a.m. CDT  [Q90 FM (90.1 in NE Wisconsin) or subscribe to our podcast.]

Since December of 2010, this exclusive and local program has featured commentary and opinions on issues that affect true believers - presented with a straight, thoughtful, biblical approach.

  • Politics and Faith
  • Education
  • Homosexual Agenda
  • Abortion
  • Persecution
  • Religious Freedom
  • False Teaching

Laura Perry: Man Cannot Reassign What God Designed

We discuss cultural influences - including public school sex surveys - the LGBT uses to reach children, boys (identifying as transgender) beating girls in various sports, practical advice about how Christian parents can respond when a child says (thinks) they are the opposite sex.

Mark and Amber Archer: ‘Mind Polluters’ – Radical Sex-Ed in Schools, Grooming Children

A powerful new investigative documentary film about the graphic Comprehensive Sex Ed and Social Emotional Learning being forced on children. "The Mind Polluters" not only shows the battle being waged to indoctrinate children as young as pre-school age with materials so heinous that they are illegal everywhere else except in the classroom, it also explores the history of the pornography battle in the United States for the past 75 years.

Dr. Patrick Flynn: Defending Our Freedoms, Fighting for Truth

David Fiorazo and Dr. Patrick Flynn discuss the importance of immune testing, new studies on vaccines, natural immunity, big pharma corruption, and why government should never have been allowed to become so powerful. We address local politics and encourage citizens to be active in the fight for truth and freedom.

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