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David Fiorazo hosts a daily one-hour, live radio program tackling tough issues, sharing the news of the day impacting Christians.

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Since December of 2010, this exclusive and local program has featured commentary and opinions on issues that affect true believers - presented with a straight, thoughtful, biblical approach.

  • Politics and Faith
  • Education
  • Homosexual Agenda
  • Abortion
  • Persecution
  • Religious Freedom
  • False Teaching

Russ Miller: Rewritten History, Deception In Education, Culture

We discuss what Russ Miller refers to as "Weapons of Mass Instruction," as he takes us back a few centuries through American history and what we rarely hear about the origins of our education system. Much has been said about the symptoms of decay and decline in public schools and culture we've been seeing for decades, but we how we got here is not often addressed.

Pastor Joe Schimmel: Marvel, Movies, the War on God & Attack on Children

We discuss the deception of 'entertainment' and the purposeful agenda behind Hollywood, comics, and particularly Marvel and DC comics to influence children and families against God, morality, and the biblical worldview. Good Fight Ministries new documentary series is designed to help parents and young people alike better discern the underlying messages in many popular comic books and movies that affect millions of families. As we seek to know the Lord and follow His word, it is imperative that we are wise to the ways of the evil one in popular culture.

Usama Dakdok: Islam Advances in the US, Christianity Marginalized

Last week in our nation's capital, a pretty important event took place and of course, it has received little to no liberal media attention. Why? Hundreds of Muslims travelled to Washington DC and took part in meetings with U.S. Congressmen. Did you hear anything about “Muslim Advocacy Days”? It was promoted by the Council on American Islamic Relations and the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, and was billed as the nation’s largest American Muslim civil society umbrella organization.  What is this all about and why were they meeting with Congressmen? Usama Dakdok is here to explain and also to contrast Christianity and Islam.

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