Author: Stand Up For The Truth

Steve Smothermon: We Must Never Stop Being The Church!

Steve’s church was fined $10,000 for holding a Christmas Eve service and not following New Mexico governor’s mandates; we discuss also the battle between Christians and government, unreasonable state restrictions on churches, obeying God or man, open censorship of American citizens by Big Tech and liberal media activists, and the responsibility of pastors to lead in these dark times.

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Mike Gendron: Converging Events, Prophecy, and Pope Francis

We discuss the prophetic implications of all that is going on in the world including the economic, psychological, and spiritual impact of converging events. Mike emphasizes the urgent need for Christians to be obedient to the great commission. We also talk about the apostasy of Pope Francis and his continued departure from Romans Catholic and biblical faith

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Jay Seegert: Christian Youth are Leaving the Faith; Why?

An alarmingly high percentage of youth are walking away from their faith today. We now know it is at much younger ages when children begin to doubt what they have learned. Many studies have been done and the evidence is clear. What are we doing wrong as Christian parents and the church in general?

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Elijah Abraham: This Is Good And Bad For America, Perspective

We first discuss some positives from the Covid shut-downs, even though many people were affected financially, mentally, or by losing a loved one. Elijah responds to events at the U.S. Capital as well as the Democrat media narratives that have shaped public opinion; we also talk biblical perspective on our role as Christians in society.

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Andy Woods: Cyber Warfare and The Divided States of Marxism?

We discuss the narrative war in America, cyberwarfare, what happened yesterday at the U.S. Capital, a social justice pastor’s call for Andy Woods and David Fiorazo to repent for previous podcast comments, and how in the world (and in Georgia) could a radical, liberation theologian such as Warnock get elected to the Senate?

“Based on the latest headlines, it looks like the coup is practically complete. Is there any hope in stopping it? Christians need to prepare for a Marxist controlled government in the house and senate and presidency. Harris will now be our president. If all of this is true, what does the future hold?” Andy Woods

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