Author: Stand Up For The Truth

Gary Kah: Advancing Evil, Globalist Minions & Godless Goals

We discuss the advancement of a global system of government as well as a push toward a one-world religion; GAVI, Fauci, Gates, Biden globalists, medical tyranny, Israel, rumors of wars, freedom rallies & trucker convoys in Canada, supply chain issues, and more!

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Trevor Loudon: Overcoming Communist, PC, Social Justice Wokeness

Trevor Loudon declares that what is commonly regarded as mainstream political policy is in fact driven and guided by hidden subversive elements. Much of what we’re seeing in our government is literally communist policy, but even more alarming is the compromise of too many American churches.

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Don Veinot: Compromise & Apostasy Vs. Discernment & Discipleship

We discuss compromise in the church, discernment, history of apostasy, post-modernism, progressivism, the new Barna survey of pastors lacking a biblical worldview, church growth philosophies, and other anti-biblical ideas leading to the weakness in todays Christian church.

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