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Rev. Jim Harden: 4 Months, No Arrests of Abortion Terrorists; The Left Celebrates Kinsey

CompassCare’s Buffalo, NY office was firebombed by abortion terrorists nearly four months ago! Even though this act of domestic terrorism was captured by security cameras, the FBI has not made a single arrest, exposing the corrupt Biden Democrats and so-called Department of Justice. Rev. Jim Harden is here to raise awareness.

On Today’s podcast in part 2, (listener warning) we connect the dots between criminal, perverse sex researcher Alfred Kinsey to today’s ‘sex-ed’ school curriculum and the modern normalization of adultery, abortion, homosexuality, and soon, pedophilia.

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Academia, Hollywood, Liberal Media Whitewash Kinsey Child Abuse

Kinsey’s promotion of sexual activity at any age laid the groundwork in the 1940s for the normalization of adultery, homosexuality, and transgender movement today, and could logically lead to destigmatizing pedophilia. People need to understand the facts and history about Kinsey that have been downplayed, denied, or whitewashed.

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Jonathan Brentner: The Third Temple, Red Heifers, and Bible Prophecy

We discuss Bible prophecy and the third temple in Jerusalem as well as recent breaking news about the red heifers arriving in Israel, Scriptures relating to the future desecration of the temple, historical events, and the perspective of a few early church theologians. 

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EW Jackson: Beware the Leftist Cult of Ideological Idolatry

We discuss an October conference coming to Chicago, Save the Children; the attack on truth, biblical morality and family in America; Democrat media double standards, over 100 violent attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and churches being ignored, the leftist narrative about racism and more radicalized public school teachers.

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Julaine Appling: ‘We Will Not Back Down’ After Arson Attack

We discuss today’s volatile climate and the abortion activist arson attack on her offices in Madison, WI Sunday; the SCOTUS ‘Roe’ draft leak, Democrat’s response, lack of civility, federalism, and her refusal to be bullied to back down in the face of violent threats. 

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Calling Evil Good and Twisting Scripture. Again.

What’s the difference between a preborn baby and a firstborn baby? Location; just a few inches. Human life is not defined by size, level of development, environment (location), or degree of dependency! [S.L.E.D.] 

Some have responded and refuted the lie Kamala Harris is pedaling to a biblically illiterate American people saying things like “one does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held religious beliefs” to defend abortion. Okay, one  may not have to “abandon” your faith to endorse abortion, you just have to contradict or ignore it…

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Marcia Montenegro: ‘New’ Age of Aquarius, Horoscopes, Jesus Calling

MARCIA MONTENEGRO is a former professional astrologer and teacher of astrology; a practitioner for many years of Eastern-type meditation and beliefs including Inner Light Consciousness, Tibetan Buddhism, and engaged in various occult practices such as having a spirit guide and doing astral travel. 

Today, we discuss Marcia’s journey from professional astrologer to Christ follower, and touch on New Age practices, horoscopes, Harry Potter, out of body experiences, and the hugely popular book, Jesus Calling. 

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