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Julaine Appling: ‘We Will Not Back Down’ After Arson Attack

We discuss today’s volatile climate and the abortion activist arson attack on her offices in Madison, WI Sunday; the SCOTUS ‘Roe’ draft leak, Democrat’s response, lack of civility, federalism, and her refusal to be bullied to back down in the face of violent threats. 

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Dr. Lee Merritt: Bio-weapons, DNA War, Snake Venom, Shot Remorse

Dr. Lee Merritt says we are in the 4th stage of a DNA war and they are aiming at the West, they’re going after our children, and they’re using emergency authority. Medical misinformation is off the charts and the Biden Administration is stepping up censorship efforts. Medicine has been weaponized, media is fear-mongering, and government is pushing propaganda, forcing compliance. How do we respond?

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Rusty Thomas: Abortion is a Biblical, Gospel, Social, Moral Issue

This systematic slaughter, now totaling in the dozens of millions, can only occur in a nation at war with God and His Word. Child sacrifice has a long and dark tradition amongst mankind.

Until the church is just as concerned with God’s justice and righteousness in the earth, as it is God’s love, grace, and forgiveness, the current trend – modern holocaust – will continue until America has gone the way of other empires that murdered their babies and paraded their sin like Sodom.

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Matt Trewhella: Christian Resistance Means Repenting, Fighting & Building

Repent. Fight. Build. Pastor Matt Trewhella and David Fiorazo discuss the importance of Christ-followers, especially church leaders, resisting tyranny in whatever form it takes – and repenting for our past indifference. From judging our brother to virtue-signaling, we discuss a biblical response to attacks on our faith and freedoms. 

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Dr. Andy Woods: Compromised Court? A Supreme ‘ROE Decision’ Leak

We discuss breaking developments involving the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion indicating a majority of justices (as of now) are leaning toward overturning Roe V. Wade. The U.S. Constitution, case law, activist agendas, and so-called ‘abortion rights’ are discussed with Pastor Woods who also has a law degree.

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