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David Fiorazo, JB Hixson Q & A: Doctrine, Spiritual Warfare, Worldview, Prophecy, Morality

Some of the topics addressed by JB Hixson and David Fiorazo on this Q & A include: spiritual warfare, lukewarm churches, what percent of pastors are teaching the whole truth of Scripture, will we see revival, why is the CDC s powerful today, global government, antichrist media, the biggest concern believers have today, parallels between the COVID shot and the Mark of the Beast, and much more!

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Julaine Appling: Culture War, Top Stories, Biblical Worldview

We discuss the Supreme Court’s Dec. 1 abortion case, the act of evil last night at a WI Christmas parade, the RNC starting a Pride Coalition (Rona McDaniel’s bright idea), WI Emperor Evers gave COVID money to Planned Parenthood, and parents suing schools over dangerous trans ideology.

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