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‘Roe v. Wade’ movie debuts after relentless opposition

Loeb portrays Dr. Bernard Nathanson, spotlighting the pioneering abortion doctor’s part in the Roe case and his dramatic conversion to follower of Jesus Christ and leading pro-life activist.

The movie will be streaming on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, and via on-demand on cable and satellite. It premiered at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

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Robia Scott: Overcoming ‘Counterfeit Comforts’ With The Holy Spirit

Becoming a Christian doesn’t take away the seduction and temptation of the world and the bad habits from our past. And just breezing in and out of church every Sunday does not magically transform us. It takes the power of God to transform us by renewing our minds and it takes much effort on our part. Plus, for those who have enjoyed fame and fortune, the lies of the enemy must also be overcome.

Today’s guest writes: “Once I became a Christian, wasn’t all the bad stuff supposed to go away or at least start getting better? Some of my darkest days occurred after I became a Christian.” The spiritual battle is very real, and it’s ongoing. We must be in God’s Word in order to be aware of and overcome the world’s ‘counterfeit comforts.’

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Dave Daubenmire: Suing NFL, Pepsi for Super Bowl Halftime Show

A small number of concerned Christians are speaking up, and that includes today’s special guest, a former Ohio high school football coach and current online Christian talk show host who was offended by the onslaught of debauchery displayed last month during the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show. He’s working on suing the National Football League for its soft porn show that included a “strip-club” routine. 

TODAY’S GUEST – Dave Daubenmire is a former football coach and ordained minister in central Ohio and host of Pass the Salt Ministries’ web show, Coach Dave LIVE. Daubenmire is looking to take on the NFL, Fox and Pepsi in a lawsuit over what he calls a “crotch-grabbing” performance resembling soft porn during family viewing hours.

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Tina Marie Griffin: Christian Parents, Please Protect Your Kids!

Most of us know and understand the fact that too much screen time can affect our lives. Some would say screens are frying our brains, but we won’t go that far. Media affects us emotionally as well, to the point some people simply have to unplug for a while. Kids need to do this even more so as they are forming life habits – including a worldview – and social media and technology does affect their young minds and behavior.

For Christian parents, the importance of protecting your children from all the dangers, seductions, and perversions on social media cannot be overstated. All parents must go the extra mile and take this very seriously. We catch up with Counter Culture Mom, Tina Marie Griffin to talk about the dangers of social media and today’s ‘accepted’ forms of entertainment.

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