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John Pennell: Deceptive ‘Religion’ of Freemasonry, the Masonic Lodge

We discuss and clarify teachings of Freemasonry that oppose biblical Christianity, examine some of its roots, explain why it is in fact a religion, The Lodge’s emphasis on rituals, symbols, and good works, and we contrast its beliefs and practices with the Biblical worldview.

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Fiorazo: The Left Opposes ‘God, Family, Country’

Today, David Fiorazo breaks down news and current events from the perspective of a biblical worldview. He starts in Italy with the election of conservative, Giorgia Meloni, being attacked by the intolerant left for valuing God, family, children, and nationalism. Also, another school district begins teaching sex-ed to kindergartners; CNN warns of ‘rapture anxiety,’ and more.

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Senator Andre Jacque: Elections, Culture, Legislation, and Politics

We discuss consequences of elections and the effect of bad public policies, the right to life vs. abortion, Christians not voting, uninformed citizens, parental rights and radical sex ed in public schools, justice denied to victims of pro-abortion terrorism, and why we must encourage others to exercise their right to vote. 

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