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David Fiorazo: Defending Truth, Finishing Strong, Preparing For 2022

David Fiorazo highlights some news stories, always looking at them from a biblical worldview. Segment 2 features Tuesday’s guest, Scott Schara, who has more details to share about his daughter, Grace, dying in the hospital recently. Segment 3: What can we learn from this past year and how do we prepare for 2022 that will likely include more faith-testing and uncertainty?

From David: “We talked a few weeks ago about God being outside of time and the fact that His foreordained plan is being implemented in these prophetic days. Almighty God’s timing is perfect, His promises will be fulfilled, and He is sovereign.”

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David Fiorazo, JB Hixson Q & A: Doctrine, Spiritual Warfare, Worldview, Prophecy, Morality

Some of the topics addressed by JB Hixson and David Fiorazo on this Q & A include: spiritual warfare, lukewarm churches, what percent of pastors are teaching the whole truth of Scripture, will we see revival, why is the CDC s powerful today, global government, antichrist media, the biggest concern believers have today, parallels between the COVID shot and the Mark of the Beast, and much more!

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Next Stage of Rebellion: Normalizing Pedophilia

Most people forget the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1973 removed homosexuality from the DSM-2 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) due to pressure from gay activists. Will they do the same with pedophilia? 

And just a few years ago the American Psychological Association even launched a task force designed to remove the “stigma” associated with polygamy, even going so far to give the lifestyle its own politically correct term – “consensual non-monogamy.”

The earliest Gay Pride parades included NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) members who later were prevented from marching. For years there have been efforts to erase age of consent laws, a goal of the LGBTQ+ platform since the 1970s. 

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Perpetual Conflict and Destabilization: The Issue is Never the Issue

Most Christians are not shocked at the cultural battles today, but the number of fronts can seem daunting. Remember: the issue is never the issue. Enemies of God are using every possible crisis to gain power – and they have – and we have been in a purposeful state of perpetual conflict as a result.

In case you haven’t noticed, the left has used constant pressure to force change and extend selected crises to wear down people’s resistance. Until more believers in Christ and His true church recognize and respond to these cultural battles and increasing spiritual warfare, the decline of morality and society will continue at warp speed. Our past silence has had severe consequences.

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Liberty Pastor’s Conference (Part 1) Pastor Dan Fisher, Dran Reese

On todays Stand Up For The Truth podcast, we hear from three different expert guests recorded by David did at the Liberty Pastor’s Conference, Edmond, OK.

SEGMENT 1 – Pastor Dan Fisher, Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond, OK, founder of Bringing back the Black Robed Regiment.

SEGMENT 2 – Dran Reese is Founder and President of the The Salt & Light Council and initiatives, The Content of Character Series, Judeo-Christian Caucus and Biblical Voter.  

SEGMENT 3 – Daniel Navejas, Abortion Free States, advocate for Abolishing Abortion Using State Governments.

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The True, Historic Christian Church is Essential!

How did we get to the point in America where a generation has grown up believing lies that this country is evil, was founded by evil men, and it must therefore be dismantled – from the Constitution to capitalism? It’s crucial to the survival of our Republic that we remind those who will listen about our true, unedited history – including the founding of our nation on the living God and the biblical worldview.

The question, however, is are we too late?

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David Fiorazo: The Left Redefining ‘Equity’ ‘Tolerance’ and ‘Equality’

Today, David Fiorazo covers a few key topics starting with good news about a major religious freedom case out of California. Also discussed is cancel culture, some history of persecution, and the left’s redefinition of words and ideas such as equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and tolerance for starters!

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CASE CLOSED: President Trump on Jan. 6: “I Authorized National Guard on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Turned It Down” (Video)

Gateway Pundit: President Trump joined Sean Hannity on Thursday night on the one-year anniversary...

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Jan Markell: Progressive Plans, Power Elites, and Political Pawns

We address the C-v-d ‘conspiracy’ and hard truths learned from Jan’s recent radio program guests, how the left feeds the fire of ongoing crisis, treats children as political pawns; the two-tiered division in America of the vaccinated and unvaccinated along with some alarming admissions by Democrat voters, and how much of Bible prophecy is coming alive in these exciting, excruciating last days.

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John Haller: Accelerating Events, Headlines Prove Chaos of Fallen World

We touch on the concerning influence of the World Economic Forum on the U.S. and governments, an alarming survey showing how divided we are over vaccine facts and mandates, the cancer of cultural immorality, state bans on so-called conversion therapy,  Russia/Ukraine tensions and rumors of war, and more.

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