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Dave Jenkins: Defending Biblical Authority Against the Spirit of the Age

David talks with Dave Jenkins, the Executive Director of Servants of Grace, a multi-media ministry that exists to help people know the God of the Bible and equip God’s people to grow in His grace as they serve in the local church and beyond. Dave’s new book called “The Word Matters: Defending Biblical Authority Against the Spirit of the Age” just launched this week!

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Daniel Smithwick: Nehemiah Institute, Biblical Worldview, PC Education, Marxism in America

We discuss education, how it was never intended to be under control of secular government; biblical worldview battles in both culture and in many churches, the influence of godless socialists and Marxists in America, and the importance of building a foundation on Christ the Cornerstone.

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Your Favorite Guests on Stand Up for the Truth! (List & Links)

Your favorite podcast guests are listed in alphabetical order. We even linked their name with the most recent podcasts.  On a laptop or desktop computer, you can search anytime for your favorite guest or even search by topic! Please share!

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Rusty Thomas: Life & Death, Spiritual Battle over Abortion in U.S.

David and Rusty Thomas discuss the spiritual roots of abortion in this life and death battle that the church began to lose by opening the door for exceptions. We also talk about the need for today’s pulpits to again be “aflame with righteousness” as they were 200 years ago; the Kansas vote on abortion restrictions and how the left has deceived the public and changed language. We also challenge the church to stand on the authority of the Bible on this and every issue. 

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John Haller: Global War on Farming, Freedom, and Faith

David Fiorazo and John Haller discuss national and world events in light of Bible prophecy. Topics include the attacks on true believers and accusations of “Christian Nationalism,” China, Taiwan, and the global war on farming leading to food supply issues; George Soros impact on federal prosecutors, lawlessness; some great moves by FL Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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