Stand Up For The Truth: Powered by Lakeshore Communications, Inc. (WORQ-FM)

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Android, app, Apple, listen live, online listening | 0 comments

Many Stand Up For The Truth listeners download the podcasts and listen at their convenience through this website and their podcast readers (like iTunes and Spotify) but there is also the option to listen LIVE weekday mornings at 9am central around the globe.

If you have our old Q90FMRadio app from 9 years ago and it hasn’t updated yet, you may have to delete it and re-upload and re-install it on your Apple or Android device.

For Apple devices, click here.

For Android devices, click here.

And you can listen directly on any browser, click here.

We are so blessed with listeners like you who have been sharing our Facebook posts (since we’re shadowbanned). Our Q90 radio management team has also been very purposeful with our contemporary music choices recently and our online music listening is now breaking records with no listener seats limits and platform crashes. We want you to be confident when sharing our app with others who need to hear the our “Truth at Any Cost” message 24/7.

As they saying goes around here, with out Q90 FM, there would be no “Stand Up For The Truth”, so thank you so much for your prayers, financial support and “sharing” us with others. Your feedback about Q90 FM programming is always appreciated at comments @