On Lying Liars and Their Lies

by | Jun 16, 2023 | End Times, Mary Danielsen | 0 comments

No matter how you state it, disingenuous, mendacious prevaricators are everywhere. You can look it up, or you can just look at the day’s headlines and you will know what all those thousand dollar words mean. You already know.

You know that lying and double-dealing define these times. It’s gotten to the point where Americans have realized they can’t trust one iota of information in the day’s headlines and it doesn’t seem like it will ever change. The reputations of those who claim to present news to us are long trashed, they don’t care, and does anyone really know what the “news” is supposed to look like anymore?

When I was a youth, our parents tuned in for a half hour of headlines at 5:30pm and it was never missed. I can still picture my dad sitting in his chair after a long day of work with his newspaper open and one ear attuned to Walter Cronkite while mom made dinner. Yes, those scenarios played out in millions of homes every weeknight, that’s not just a figment of cultural imaginations or ghosts of weekdays past. Now, all these years later I realize the newsmen were mostly democrats anyway (we were not) but while “spin” today and “spin” back then were quite different, they were still building on a foundation of agendas and have paid it forward in spades. I often say that 24 hour news has murdered both truth and general civility, and it has. What’s presented isn’t even news anymore, it’s opinion and persuasion.

Secular news hounds and influencers have found so many ways to deceive I wonder if anyone has found a way to quantify it all.  Academia has their lies. The MSM has their lies. “Fake News” is in the eye of the beholder but the idea is that someone is saying something untrue and good luck figuring out who that might be. Congress has to keep holding hearings to find out who is lying. One party can say or do what they want without consequence but the party of the flyover states gets treated like enemies of The State. The State that arrests the opposition all too readily and if you’re thinking “totalitarianism” you’re not wrong. At all. And what’s a “whistleblower” if not someone trying to cut through more layers of lies? People often just lie to cover more lies.

I remember my mom quoting, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808). It’s never been more true.

And you know they’re lying about UFOs too. Oh wait, are they? Well regardless, it’s meant to distract from all the Lying Liars and their Lies. I guess we are working our way up to the “lying signs and wonders” portion of world history. We’re well on our way.

Just a sampling of what the Lying Liars Lied and do Lie about:  the virus, the jab, the masks, the danger and the origins. The politicos are lying about Trump, Biden, Ukraine, Epstein, the environment, train crashes, food shortages, electric cars, gender, and gas stoves. And that’s hardly a compendium of all the Lies or Liars. Add on to that deceit and general betrayal and more doors open up, more dark alleys and tunnels await.

And don’t ignore the half lies which are often called half-truths but really are just garden variety lies all the same.

Lying is one of the deadly sins (Prov 26:28). Someone who is a serial liar cannot be trusted, and is so selfish they cannot possibly love the person they are lying to. And of course, we don’t get far in the annals of the human race before we find the serpent caught in a whopper (Gen 3:4). And really, with all the verses about lying in the bible, all we need to know is that the Lord detests lying lips (Prov 12:22).

It’s never good to be on the wrong side of what God loves and hates. For all those who insist God is love and don’t read the verses about what God hates, their souls are likely in mortal danger.

But we also know that as things get darker, the lying will increase because there is no fear of God to be found. There is barely any faith to be found. It’s understandable that Americans no longer trust anyone. The second part of Proverbs 12:22 says, “….but those who deal truthfully are His delight.”  Delighting God should be important to us.

Alternately, we find in John 8:44 that “the devil is a liar and the father of lies.” Apparently he delights in all these lies.

At least we know without a doubt, black and white and with no shadow of turning, who it is the world is following.

Follow Jesus even more closely. And live.