Friday is your show! Mike answers questions and responds to listener comments. Here are some of the questions, comments, and topics that Stand Up for the Truth listeners want to discuss today:

  • Is the Bible clear on Christians tithing and giving?
  • Doesn’t President Trump promote violence just as much as the radicals on the Left?
  • Hyper-grace is becoming a cancer in the church, leading to ‘seeker-sensitive’ Christianity
  • How long should a church allow unrepentant sinners to remain in their congregation?
  • Eternal security: Hebrews 6 dilemma – can a true believer lose his or her salvation? What’s a balanced perspective?
  • Andy Stanley, Rob Bell, Jim Wallis, and a few other heretics
  • Writing from Canada, there are few voices here standing for the true faith, please pray for our leaders!
  • Weak, watered-down teachings in most modern American churches – how can we break this pattern?
  • Money is the god of most people in America and often the last thing Christians submit to the Lord.


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