In our final segment, we cover a story of a Christian pastor who kicked a person dressed in drag out of his church in the middle of the service, and the backlash he is receiving on social media.

In our lead story we look at the political polarization of America, which has never been greater. In the past, both parties agreed on what needed to be done while sometimes disagreeing on how to implement the vision. But today, the gulf of ideas between Conservative and Liberal values is so wide, many feel they are irreconcilable.  Some believe we are headed toward another Civil War of sorts.

We analyze an article by Selwyn Duke of The American Thinker and Canada Free Press that paints a grim picture and provides evidence and warnings about a coming political Civil War that will change America permanently.  If our nation is indeed headed down this path, what will be the outcome and how will Christians in America respond?



American’t: From Midterms to End Times, by Selwyn Duke

Dave Ramsey Tells Pastors to Stop Asking ‘Broke’ People to Tithe

Pastor Under Fire for Kicking Man Dressed Like a Woman Out of Church Service