Christmas Comes Early for Churches as Court Strikes Down Restrictive Ordinance

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Discrimination, Religious Freedom | 0 comments

Here is the statement from Pacific Justice Institute:

Green Bay, WI–A Judge in Green Bay, Wisconsin, ruled last Friday that a city’s non-discrimination ordinance cannot be applied to churches or other religious organizations.  The City of De Pere’s ordinance labeled religious organizations as “places of public accommodation” subject to non-discrimination policies dictated by the government.

The City’s ordinance, passed just before Thanksgiving of last year, addressed non-discrimination of gender identity and sexual orientation in housing, employment, advertising, and public accommodations—without an exemption for religious organizations.  Before the ordinance took effect in March 2018, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) swiftly took action and filed a complaint. ​

PJI attorney Kevin Snider represented five churches and a radio broadcaster in De Pere.