Preparing & Protecting the Flock

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Jimmy Meeks

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Jimmy Meeks is a retired police officer, having served 35 years in law-enforcement. Jimmy has also been a minister for over 44 years. As an officer, he served as a hostage negotiator, field training officer, school resource officer, detective, supervisor, and crime prevention officer. He has accumulated over 4500 hours of TCOLE training. He has also been a certified crime prevention specialist.

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In our final segment today, we’ll cite yet another example of the radical LGBTQ movement actually hurting the people they claim to be helping. This time, their insane policies are harming battered women by putting transgender issues above the safety of vulnerable women. In our first two segments, elders have a responsibility to teach the Word of God, equip believers, and protect the flock against false teachers infiltrating the church. But what about the dangers of the increasing anger and evil in our society? What is the responsibility of church leaders to also physically protect its members? Are we prepared to handle emergencies when we gather as believers. Today’s guest spent 35 years in law enforcement and eleven years as a pastor. An expert on church security, Jimmy Meeks joins us from Texas to discuss the importance of churches developing a strong safety and preparation plan.  



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