Questions, Comments, and Biblical Answers

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Questions and comments from listeners today include:

  • Is it wrong that I don’t tithe to my church but instead support Christians organizations and ministries that are spreading the gospel and equipping believers? My pastor said this is wrong, but my church is not making disciples.
  • Are Word Faith or prosperity preachers crooks for making promises that God will bless people financially if they give money to them?
  • As believers, can we sanctify ourselves?
  • I am a former Muslim and appreciate the grace you exhibit in reminding people not all Muslims are terrorists in waiting.
  • Listening from Alberta Canada, we attend a large church that is biblical and has good leadership. But groups are growing within our church following a lot of Bethel propaganda believing everyone should speak in tongues and prophesy.  Some claim those who do not aren’t filled with the Spirit. What can I say to my friends about this?
  • Regarding the Mark of the Beast, I have friends who claim that when a person allows an electric device to be installed, even a pacemaker or does electronic banking, it’s wrong. Aren’t they overreacting?
  • Is Hebrews 6 referring to those who were not saved to begin with or those who lost their salvation?
  • Israel is a free republic like America, but aren’t the two nations spiritually “un-Christian” considering only a small remnant are true, converted believers in Jesus Christ?
  • Love the show on creation and evolution with Jay Seegert (December 5). Too many debates about creation focus on science rather than Scripture and end up veering away from the fact of a literal six-day creation and the age of the earth being thousands of years old, not millions.

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