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by | Feb 22, 2019 | Abortion, Apologetics, Catholic, Christianity, Government, LGBTQ, Podcast | 0 comments

Every week we receive so many great comments and questions from listeners to Stand Up for the Truth. We’ll get to as many as we can today!

Question of the week: What are your thoughts on the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) having Nancy Pelosi speak to Christian college leaders recently?

A few responses: “one of the many reasons I no longer call myself Evangelical,” “What could she even remotely bring of value to a discussion?” “That’s like having an atheist preach from the pulpit,” and “I think the NAE needs to share the gospel with Nancy Pelosi and the importance of repentance and obeying God’s Word.”

We also share a stirring testimony from a Christian woman that had an abortion years ago and kept it to herself. Now after all this time she has received the forgiveness and healing of Jesus, and has been encouraging the body of Christ to stop being silent on this pivotal issue.



  • Home churches: when is it time to consider leaving your seeker-sensitive or unbibilcal church?
  • What has happened to rational, respectful debate and dialogue?
  • Pastors that rarely ever preach on the Old Testament
  • What does it mean to enter into the rest of God, Hebrews 4?

We answer your questions weekly!

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