Deeper Faith, Honest Questions, Sharing the Gospel

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William Herath

Ratio Christi Chapter Co-Director at UCLA

William is founder of, a place dedicated to building faith one question at a time.  Herath is a katalogetic & apologetic speaker.  He is part of the Truth Conferences with Josh McDowell and a member of the Ratio Christi Speakers Bureau.

Check out his active YouTube channel!

Ratio Christi at UCLA

Two fantastic guests on the program means #doubletruththursday. Is that a thing? Anyway…

Today, Mike and David welcome first-time guest, evangelist, Willie Herath of Ratio Christi in southern California and we discuss apologetics, deeper questions in the faith, and how to effectively respond to nonbelievers. Christians are to go!


How important is it for us to be ready to respond when people have questions or have objections to Christianity? This is huge. We often find out that they really did not know much about the Bible or the evidence for the Christian faith.

We also talk with radio host, Mike Zander, from Utah’s Key Radio where he reaches out to Mormons in Utah with the gospel. He’s in town today and in-studio with Mike LeMay and David Fiorazo.  


Ready. Set. – Apologetics website, Willie Herath

Key Radio