Mission, Vision Statements and Doctrine

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Pastor Mike Abendroth

Host of No Compromise Radio and author of Evangelical White Lies

Statements of faith and mission statements go way back to the early centuries of Christianity, staking out clear positions on what Christians believe about the doctrines of God and His Word.  But in modern times, growing confusion, ambiguity, and false teachings are more common among the body of Christ than we’d like to admit.

Today, we tackle this important issue when it comes to understanding what a particular church or denomination believes as well as what to look for in a good church. Start with the preaching and teaching. Our guest is Pastor Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio.

But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine. Titus 2:1

Here are some of the questions we discuss today:

Is there a difference between mission, vision, and statement of faith? What are they?

Why is it important for a church to have a clear, comprehensive Statement of Faith and beliefs?

Statements of Faith—even the best of them—can often be vague and subject to individual interpretation.  How extensive should a Statement of faith be? Should the following be clarified?

  • The nature and character of God
  • The nature and character of Jesus Christ
  • The Creation account in Genesis
  • Exactly what is the gospel and how are we saved?
  • The reality of hell for those who reject the gospel
  • The effects of sin vs. bearing fruit in the life of a Christian

What about requirements for church membership?

Shouldn’t the Great Commission be our “mission” statement?

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