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We get to tackle many of your questions and comments every Friday. Here we go!

  • Books being read to kindergartners about Islam
  • Why don’t more Christians pitch in and serve at church?
  • Love how Stand Up challenges and encourages us at the same time
  • Eternal security – (once saved, always saved?)
  • Is President Trump’s Middle East peace deal naive?
  • Should an unbeliever be allowed to lead or serve on the church worship team?
  • The radical liberals seem unwilling to be tolerant and carry on any civilized conversation anymore.
  • Our new, young pastor knows little about theology and does not have sound doctrine, but he learned it in seminary and doesn’t think the Bible is inerrant.
  • For those harping on President Trump’s past and his Twitter rants, consider the alternatives we’re seeing in the Democrat Party candidates running for 2020 nomination. Such a stark contrast.
  • Is it time to give up on the American “church” that has gotten so sidetracked and watered-down?
  • What advice can you give us about retirement accounts? How much money do we really need?

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